Did this man really use electro-magnetic frequencies to solve the riddle of human disease in the 1930's...

Lost File From 1953 Proves the Royal Rife Method For Disease Reversal Was 100% Legit

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  1. blackie
    10 years ago

    Joshua, the sheer brilliance of Royal Rife is astounding. His treatment by the US Medical establishment was such a travesty of denial of his work – perhaps history will treat him more kindly as the result of the meticulous work undertaken by yourself to establish the true status of his work. As an aside, we in Australia have demonstrated an unfortunate capacity to denigrate those “tall poppies” who have shown an ability to perceive what their detractors could not – this has been particularly so in the medical field. An Australian medico Dr.John Holt successfully applied Radio Frequencies 433-434 MHz UHF to treat a broad range of cancers in clinical settings. His work was rejected by his conventional colleagues of the Australian Medical Association and he was subsequently disbarred from Medicare support.There appears to be a good deal of uncertainty over the mechanism of his treatment, with most assuming or asserting it to be due to hypothermia, however Dr.Holt not consider application of UHF radio waves in his treatment regimen produces a hyperthermic effect.

    What I find particularly interesting in this whole sorry saga is that neither Halt nor others involved in the review and debate on his work were ever aware of Royal Rife and his contribution.


    • Joshua Parker
      10 years ago

      Hi Blackie,

      I’ve heard some about Dr Holt’s work over there and it sounded quite interesting and always wondered if he was aware of Rife’s work. That is quite interesting if he wasn’t aware of it at all!

  2. Richard Burgess
    10 years ago

    I received the research kit I found it informative, and strait forward. Thank you.

  3. Blackie
    10 years ago

    Thank you for your comment. I have returned to the site and have a second comment – more in terms of a query. Namely, do you consider it likely that the Holt work could have been informed by Rife’s technology?

    I apologize for the time in responding.



  4. Lloyd Butterfield
    10 years ago

    I think you have the greatest information on the Rife Machine ever assembled.
    Thank you.

  5. Dear Josh,
    I was excited to order the XXxxxx/YYYY combination package today from you!
    We look forward to many years of use and all because of your dedication and hard work!
    God bless you!

    Fr. Mark Violette

  6. Harry Foulds
    9 years ago

    Hi I lost user name and password, please help? Tried your lostpassword and if you don’t know your users name, your dead!

    • Joshua Parker
      9 years ago

      Hi Harry,
      panaboy is your username. Let me know how else I can help!